Monthly Packages

Love our services? We are here to help YOU and your pocket book. With these packages you will be feeling well month after month. GREAT for those who want to truly invest in themselves. 

(There will be a initial consultation fee to sign up for any of these packages, as well as a year long contract.)

Want to sign up?

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We will meet you with a fresh robe and pamper you for the entire length of your appointment.

Testosterone Package

Testosterone therapy only option for men- $150/ month and a set up fee of $75. 

What you get: A virtual visit with our nurse practitioner, blood work every 3 months to monitor levels and a visit with our NP every 3 months to check on your therapy. A customized treatment plan including testosterone injections (ours are exclusively made in grapeseed oil and we have multiple different types of testosterone based on your needs). You will get the estrogen blockers in addition to the therapy. 

Facial treatments
Sports/ Athlete Package

Sports and athlete package for men and women- $150/month and set up fee of $75

What you get: a virtual visit with our nurse practitioner to establish goals and a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs. Customized IV therapy once per month, amino acid injections for muscle recovery as often as once a week, B12 injections for energy as often as once a week, hot/ cold therapy for sore muscles once a month, one sports massage once a month. Unlimited trips to our infrared sauna and peace room. 

Blonde Highlights
Massage & Muscle Package

Massage and muscle therapy package- $50 initiation fee and $100/month

What you get: Get two massages, unlimited trips to our infrared and peace room, one cupping session or hot/cold stone session per month for targeted pain and muscle therapy.