Exclusive Wellness/Weight Loss  Membership

Feeling unwell? Did your doctor tell you that your labs look great? Having difficulty losing weight? Are your hormones feeling like they are fluctuating? Difficulty getting out of bed? Feelings of fatigue all day? For men and women this is the path for you. Think you have low testosterone and no one checked it? Did you know that there are multiple tests for testosterone and, typically, doctors only draw one? Did you know that with testosterone therapy you should be on an estrogen blocker? We can help you. We will inform you. We will CARE for you.

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What is the cost? The cost is a $150 set up fee. This includes your exclusive lab work, a visit with our experienced and caring nurse practitioner with an exclusive plan of care designed just for you. Your cost is per what plan you pick per month for everything mentioned the only exclusions to this would be any extra medications that are recommended such as semaglutide for weight loss, naltrexone, hormone therapy ect. 

– The costs for extra recommendations will be as follows:

  1. Semaglutide- This is a diabetic medicine helping to aid in weight loss that has been EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE if it is right for you.  This cost is $70 per injection and the injection must be delivered in our clinic where we will weigh and take your measurements, monitor your side effects. This is a weekly injection.

  2. Naltrexone- proven to help aid in weight loss by curbing your appetite, but new research shows SO much more. It helps aid in chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, joint pain and autoimmune disorders. This therapy is $75 per month. 

  3. Our Relax AM and PM. This is an all natural way to help aid in anxiety, sleep and pain. A bottle of this is $35 for 45 tablets or $45 for 90 tablets.  

  4. Sermorelin tablets or nightly injections. This drug will naturally increase your growth hormone. Please read more about its benefits on our website. Including but not limited to weight loss, anti aging, regulating your REM sleep cycle and building lean muscle mass. Pills of this are $75 per month, our nightly injections (our clients say that this works the best!) are $120 per month. Our weekly IM injections are mostly covered by your membership plan and are the cheapest way to go! This is only an extra $20 per month with your plan. 

  5. Hormones. A bottle of personalized hormone pills or creams are $75/ month. Our provider will look at your hormones that are included with your wellness blood work and customize a pill that is right for you working side by side with our compounding pharmacy pharmacist. 


Anything extra that you order will be in the clinic or delivered straight to your home! 


What happens when I get there? 

The first day you will see the nurse practitioner and have your blood drawn. You will need to pay the $150 initial fee for this. You can choose to see the nurse practitioner in the clinic or virtually. 

When your blood work and personalized treatment plan returns within the week you will be able to schedule a convenient time to get started. We will have a follow up email and phone call to let you know that your plan is ready. We will work in a good time for you to come in.

How long is the membership?

This is a year-long membership commitment. If you choose to opt out of the membership there will be a $75 cancellation fee and you will have to pay the $150 to get started again. 

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