Exclusive MedSpa Membership

Wanting to relax, feel better and look better? We assure you that you are beautiful, but getting a little extra team on your side to make you truly believe it sure doesn’t hurt! Come let us pamper you! This membership is for those that want to look and feel their best at all times. Physically, spiritually and emotionally we are here for you.

Call, Text or come by to sign up! 
624 North Dudney Magnolia, AR 71753





How much is it?

A $75 initiation fee for the membership. This is a year long subscription and must be paid monthly. We can set up automatic withdrawal. It is $275 monthly and the savings are only exclusive only to members. 


What if I have to cancel? 

Cancellation fees are $75 and in order to sign back up you would need to pay the $75 initiation fee again.


Do I have to have an appointment for these sessions?

Yes. We want to provide the best calming and safest experience for our exclusive clients. You must have an appointment.