Drips & Hydration

The body only absorbs approximately 10-30% of vitamins taken by mouth, when given intravenously the body will absorb 90-100%. What drip is right for you? Book your drip therapy, take time for yourself and come visit us. Add our BOOSTS for additional support and start feeling your best. Our boosters are an additional $45 each. Each of our options are freshly mixed in 500ml of Normal Saline. You may add an additional 500ml for an extra $50. We also offer additions while getting your infusion such as face masks and teeth whitening. 


Minimize bloating, Irritability, abdominal discomfort & lower back pain.

  • Calcium Chloride

  • Magnesium Chloride 

  • Vita Complex

  • Hydroxocobalamin



Boost your immune system and feel better faster!

  • Ascorbic Acid • VitaComplex • Zinc 

  • Vitamin C


Inner Beauty

Fight acne, wrinkles and fatigued skin from the inside out!

  • Asorbic Acid

  • Vita Complex

  • Biotin


Get Up & Go

Burn fat, feel energized & boost metabolism.

• VitaComplex

• Amino Blend



Improve cognitive function, learning and memory. Perfect before testing or focus.

  • Folic Acid with B12

  • L-taurine

  • Alpha-lipoic acid


Recovery & Performance 

Decrease your recovery time and increase your performance.

  • Ascorbic Acid

  • Vita Complex

  • Amino Blend

  • Mineral Blend


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